Dodging Katyushas
(Israel, 2006) (Remi Award Winner)

Investigation of a rocket attack in Northern Israel is interrupted by another attack, with the reporter in the line of fire.

3 Days in North Korea
(North Korea, 2005) (New York Festivals Award Winner)

An inside look at the most secretive country on the planet.

Escaping Zimbabwe
(South Africa, 2007)

Documentary on the plight of 3 outspoken Zimbabwean refugees who have fled the Mugabe regime.

(Documentary Film 2006)

Disengagement is an inside look at Israel's 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, a watershed event that reshaped the political map of the Middle East. This action-packed documentary film presents never-seen-before footage of the settlements in Gaza being evacuated and then inhabited by the Palestinians. With poignant interviews of Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Jewish settlers, Israeli soldiers, and Islamic militants, this film takes a balanced look at a monumental moment in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Fidel's World
(Cuba, 2006)

Jaron Gilinsky travels to Cuba to check out what life is like in one of the last remaining communist states that is a mere 90 miles from the US.

Undaunted in Tahrir Square
(Egypt, 2011)

The Op-Ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof encounters determination, and one of his heroes, among the protesters in Cairo on Thursday.

The Spectacle of Protests in The West Bank
(Palestinian Territories, 2010)

With a stalled peace process, Israeli soldiers and Palestinian protesters clash violently each Friday. The skirmishes are a combination of desperate activism and staged theater.

(Documentary Film 2005)

The documentary film "Grassroots" follows a group of passionate political canvassers who came to Miami during the 2004 presidential election to try and affect the political process, but ran headfirst into the omnipotent societal and political forces that control Miami politics.

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Palestinian Women’s Soccer
(with Isabel Kershner)
(Palestinian Territories, 2009)

A women's soccer match - the first international match played at home for the Palestinian side - turned into a carnival of social liberation and national pride.

The Freedom Motel
(Egypt, 2011)

As the demonstrations continued in Tahrir Square, Egyptian protesters settled in for the long haul, building tent cities to hold onto the symbolic piece of turf.

The Gaza Tunnel Economy
(with Zouheir Alnajjar and Nadim Audi)
(Israel/Gaza Strip/Egypt, 2009)

A look inside the controversial underground tunnels that link Egypt and the Gaza Strip, where smugglers funnel fuel, food, and potentially weapons into the isolated territory.

The Dwindling Dead Sea
(Israel/Palestinian Territories, 2010)

The Dead Sea has long attracted tourists for its mineral-rich waters. But now man-made problems are causing the sea to shrink.